"Insanely catchy chorus + INCREDIBLY LOUD GUITARS = perfect pop music"

"A heady burst of fuzzed-up guitar pop"
The Times (Playlist)
Camera & Tremor - reviews

"Here are tunes that dip and glide and make you
feel secretly serene."
  Kitten Painting

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 New Noise (recommend)     Magmusic     Nerds attack!(3½/5) 
 Loud Vision (7/10)     Indie-Rock (6/10)     Ondarock (6/10) 
 Rock Times     Monchicon (3/5)     Room Akemi 
"Sounds like the Byrds on very bad acid.

 NME Stereo     Rockerilla (7/10)     NME Stereo   
 SoundsXP     SoundsXP - Best of 2008     Allgigs (4/5) 
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31st Floor / Come Together

Sally O'Gannon

"White Noise + Immobile Drone x Pop Sensibility =
The Most Exciting Tune since heroin was
considered so passe"
 Drowned in Sound

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 NME review     Kitten Painting;    Press play & record 
 Rock n'roll runner     Aversion (3/5)     Textura 
 Pop matters (7/10)     Green pea-ness     Indie-mp3 
 Daggerzine     InterZone (4/5) 
"(...) a scalding blast of sculptured noise that best resembles the
sweet kiss-punch of the Velvet Underground."

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